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Smoke BBQ

Our mission is to share our love of authentic BBQ, inspired by regional classic throughout the US, prepared and smoked daily in our smokers. 

The Meat

Before the first plume of smoke rises from our custom made Ole Hickory pits, Smoke BBQ separates itself from the competition by sourcing the highest quality meats from specific regions of the US. Whether it is Midwest Angus Beef Brisket or Jalapeno-Cheddar Sausage produced for us with premium ingredients in Texas, we start with only the finest meats (with no antibiotics, no steroids, and no added hormones).

The Wood

Championship BBQ is one part quality meat and an equal part quality wood, with a good amount of passion, tender loving care, and magic added for good measure. Smoke BBQ uses natural Post Oak wood with all of our meats, then adds a blend specific to the each type of meat, whether it is a touch of hickory to increase the smokiness on our brisket or fruitwood on our chicken wings. The wood selected for the meat is no different than pairing a fine wine to complement a meal.

The Rub

Kosher salt, crushed black peppercorns, cayenne pepper as well as many other natural ingredients can be found in one of our 5 unique rubs. Like the wood selection, our rubs are designed to enhance the flavor of the meat. All our rubs are designed and prepared in-house daily.

The Art of Brisket

The secret to great brisket is recognizing that every single brisket is unique in both weight and marbling. Everyday our staff hand trims hundreds of pounds of our highest quality Angus brisket. Each trimmed brisket is coated with a generous amount of our rub before being placed in our onsite smoker for 14-16 hours of low heat to achieve the tender, moist, and flavorful Brisket our guests have come to crave.

Our Famous Pastrami

Our famous housemade pastrami begins with whole packer angus briskets.  Each brisket is brined in our proprietary blend of pickling spices and curing salt for 8 days.  Every day each of the briskets are turned to ensure that the brine reaches deep into the meat.  On the 8th day, we remove the cured briskets from the brine and soak out all of the extra salt.  We generously coat both sides with our house ground rub and into the smokers they go.  When they are finished smoking, the pastramis are placed in the cooler to rest.  Once ready to use, we steam the chilled pastramis for several hours to give them the melt in your mouth texture to accompany the flavorful housemade taste that you just can't get from factory made pastrami.